Nonnegotiable Natural Beauty Tips for Ambitious Women

Nonnegotiable Natural Beauty Tips for Ambitious Women

Are you reading this between school drop-offs and conference calls? Maybe you’re tempted to cancel that call in less than two hours while gulping down coffee that's been reheated three times. We need to talk. As if being a mom wasn't challenging enough, we've added running a business into the mix. The joys of multitasking, right? From racing against deadlines to racing to soccer practice, our cups are full to the brim—and nowhere in there have we paused to do just a little of what it would take to provide our bodies with more than the bare necessities of what it would to look and feel our best as we approach another year of age. 

I'm not just talking about washing our faces or drinking a few glasses of water a day. I'm talking about beauty that's akin to a garden, nurtured from the soil up. During my 30 + year bout with sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis, I realized: ingredients truly matter. Beauty isn't just skin deep; it's cellular, it's holistic. It starts from what you put in your body and extends to what you put on it. When you focus on quality ingredients, you're not just making a superficial choice, you're making a health choice. As a physician, busy single mom of 3, and an entrepreneur, having a consistent way to maintain my wellness and beauty is of paramount importance.

Aging Gracefully: My Dual Role as a Mom and Entrepreneur

My approach to aging well is a trifecta: nutrition, stress management, and (drumroll) targeted skincare. Imagine your body as a well-oiled machine. Feeding it high-octane fuel  through a balanced diet keeps the engine running smoothly. Stress management—think yoga, deep-breathing, or just five minutes of 'me-time'—is the fine-tuning. As a mompreneur, I normally don’t encouraging multitasking for things I need to fully absorb, but multitasking skincare products with potent ingredients is a valuable skill that truly pays off. Why? Because time is gold, and many ingredients work just as good in fewer, less complicated steps!

Three Nonnegotiable Beauty Tips for Working Women

Here are my top 3 hacks to keep you looking sassy and stunning while conquering home and work life:

  • The Double-Duty Products: Invest in beauty products that are both effective and quick. I'm talking BB creams that hydrate, offer SPF (at least 30), and give coverage all in one swoop.
  • Start the day out right: An early morning meditation before the world gets too hectic followed by a quick and easy glass of lemon water with a scoop of collagen powder on those days when you don’t have time to make a smoothie is so important to helping our hormones and minimizing annoying bloating throughout the day all at the same time. I recommend collagen peptides or hydrolyzed collagen with 20 grams per serving without an aftertaste or thick, gritty texture like the collagen peptides by LaFarra & Co for firmer skin, shinier hair, and youthful joints just to name a few of the benefits.
  • Commit to a morning and a nighttime routine: As we wrap up this empowering journey through beauty and entrepreneurship, let's seal the deal with one last pearl of wisdom: the significance of committed morning and night routines. Ladies, think of these routines as your non-negotiable self-care vows. Start your day by washing your face with a gentle cleanser to slough off nighttime residue and set a fresh canvas. No matter how youthful you feel, moisturizer is a must—especially once you're past the big 3-0. It's like your skin's personal bodyguard, holding in hydration and keeping your complexion looking vibrant.

Sunscreen is another non-negotiable, irrespective of your skin tone. Our natural SPF falls short—way short—of providing adequate protection against the harsh UVA and UVB rays that age us prematurely. As for your nighttime regimen, consider it as your skin's much-needed "power nap." It's prime time for anti-aging heavy-hitters like retinols and retinoids, or their gentler cousin bakuchiol, especially if you're younger or have sensitive skin. Remember, skimping on your evening skincare is like walking away before the last act of a play—you miss the grand finale.

Remember, beauty is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good, inside and out. And when you feel good, trust me, you can take on the world—stilettos, sneakers, or barefoot!

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