Deck the Halls with Self Care: Dr. LaFarra's Guide to Holiday Radiance!

Beautiful woman surrounded by supplements like collagen powder and face oil to give inner and outer glow.

Hello, Gorgeous!

As the holiday season twinkles on the horizon, it's time to sprinkle some self-care magic into your routine. I'm Dr. LaFarra, your wellness guide and founder of LaFarra & Co, here to help you navigate the festive frenzy with flair and finesse.

The LaFarra Glow: Simple Ritual to Honor Your Skin 

Begin your week by taking a few minutes to bring out the natural radiance that is within with the luxurious touch of LaFarra & Co's unique blend of collagen and our signature gua sha tool paired with nourishing face oil. This isn't just a beauty routine; it's a ritual that honors your skin, invigorating it with a natural radiance that speaks volumes. As we know, our skin begins losing the building blocks for natural radiance in our late 20s, and there are only a few ways to naturally restore some of what was lost. Collagen is your skin’s best friend, offering that supple, youthful glow that's perfect for holiday photos!

Protein-Power: Fueling Your Festive Fire

Amidst the holiday hustle, remember, your body craves nourishment. Opt for high-protein, low-sugar snacks or meals that keep your energy levels soaring without the sugar crash. Think scrumptious almond butter on whole-grain toast or a refreshing Greek yogurt parfait. These power-packed delights are not just treats; they're hormone health heroes that keep you balanced and bright.

Hydration: Your Secret Sparkle

Water is the elixir of life, and good hydration is your secret weapon for maintaining that effervescent holiday spirit. Sip on water infused with lemon or cucumber for an added zesty twist. The key is getting enough to help transport the nutrients into the crucial places needed to power our body so it can perform like the high-performance machine it has the potential to be. Shoot for half an ounce per pound of body weight, so that would mean a 100 pound woman should get 50 ounces or a little over six  8 ounce cups a day. It’s not just about quenching thirst; it’s about rejuvenating your soul from the inside out.

Me-Time: Your Magical Mantra

In the whirlwind of festivities, carve out moments for yourself. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk, a cozy evening with your favorite book, or a session of mindful meditation, cherish these precious pockets of peace. Remember, you're not just a holiday hostess; you're a queen deserving of her crown and throne of tranquility.

Wrap-Up: Your Radiant Holiday Roadmap

As we countdown to the holidays, let's embrace the joy, the jingle, and the journey of self-care. It seems like a lot because it is. Bring LaFarra & Co along by your side, and  you're not just ready for the holidays; you're set to sparkle, shine, and slay!

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